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The ancient Silk Road and a journey along it in China today

Dr Makis Aperghis

Honorary Research Fellow, History Department, University College, London


Thursday 26 November 7.00

Pittville Room, Council Committee Rooms, Municipal Offices, Promenade Cheltenham


From the 2nd century BC, for about 1,500 years, the Silk Road linked the Chinese imperial capitals of Xi’an and Luoyang to the West. Along it people, products and ideas travelled in both directions. In 2010 Makis visited some of the Chinese sections of the Silk Road and the photographs he took tell the story.

This talk comes highly recommended by Ian Johnson who heard Makis (who lives in Greece) earlier this year. Makis is kindly giving the talk specially for us when he is next visiting Cheltenham.


Weihai Link holds regular talks about China, Chinese culture, arts, garden parties etc.

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